<transcy>Collaborations with Perro Churrito</transcy>

At Chéel we like to create bonds with projects that are made with love and that come from the soul of the people. That is why during this year that has been a little different, a way of reinventing ourselves has been by sharing moments and ideas with projects and people who show the world that creative side.

One of those collaborations that has taught us a lot is Perro Churrito, a project that was born from the heart of its creator Idzin Xaca and that has now shared a part of his talent creating illustrations for a small collection.

We liked that we shared with him a second project that is our 2021 Agenda and that he dedicated himself to illustrating the pages of it in a spectacular way. Currently he shapes his art in paintings that provoke that emotion of wanting to share them with those people who are part of our life.

We share a little about him and learn more!

Churrito Dog:

Illustrations about a dog-like child who floats through the infinite universe. His constant search for something that comforts him, leads him to find surprises in the details that no one observes.

In 2015 I decided to start showing the illustrations I made in my waiting times on social networks. As a video editor these moments are constant while importing and exporting the files needed to fulfill office work. Churrito Dog had been brewing in my notebooks for years, but I had never found a record to draw it.

For decades the exploration of materials and the smell of stationery made me collect pens and markers; And although I had a self-taught training in digital illustration, the lines in my notebooks were always the starting point. Not long ago I decided to start showing these original drawings. Although there are softwares that facilitate drawing times and processes, making sketches and illustrations on paper implies a playful contact with the situation that I am trying to draw; I really enjoy the moments that I have to draw, the opportunity to use all those materials that I have been saving for years and that without knowing it were always part of this project.