A little history.
Estudio de Chéel,2020
Where was it 13 years ago?
Here the story begins; in 2008 where Paola Quiala the founder of Chéel was in search of the desired job. Going from an editor of a very famous magazine in the state of Veracruz, to starting her own business.
Paola Quiala, Graphic Designer, begins her journey in the world of materials and fabrics due to the need to create her own business.
It was in the Port of Veracruz where she started with a brand of handmade bags, incredibly she created them one by one. With materials that she found very attractive for her and for the public that was being formed. It is there where he discovers that his passion for product creation would go beyond a simple need to open doors.
This brand that was created from 2008 to 2012 called N oman was a pioneer in the boom of handmade pieces of those times in the Mexican Republic. Getting to be placed in different States of the Republic and internationally.
But you have to know how to recognize when things come to an end and pause, and it is here from 2013 to 2017 where you decide to pause and rethink what to do with your ideas.
It was in 2018 that Chéel arrived, after a search and thinking that the world needed to have beautiful projects in sight. Without thinking and with the support of people around him. It is reborn to return with more strength along with the applied knowledge of all that time; in order to create a brand focused on the use of fabric bags and that had an ecological sense.
Having started a family and made a change in his lifestyle makes him think about the need to teach his little ones at home about caring for the planet and the ecological awareness that is needed in these times.
Without imagining the scope it would have, he makes his way with a lifestyle that stops being a job and becomes a beautiful habit.
Estudio de Chéel, 2020
It manages to position itself as a brand of inspiration and successful project in the Facebook Mexico-Colombia Leaders Network, in 2020 when a pandemic stalks the world and discovering that there are no limits when you want to get ahead.
Every day it is remembered that you have to reinvent yourself without limits to be able to float.
Now the founder of Chéel comments .-
"Creating a product for everyday use has been a challenge for the brand, but by combining care for the environment, with a diversity of colors, a beautiful lifestyle is created that helps our environment"
And he has always been browsing with this phrase:
"If it's still on your mind, it's worth the risk." - Paulo Coelho